Wide distribution of the pyrenean desman in the Limia river basin

In recent months, a study has been carried out in the Limia river basin to evaluate the presence of the pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) in its rivers and streams. Thanks to this study, the wide distribution of the species throughout the region has been confirmed.

It is a small mammal of semi-aquatic habits, endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and very sensitive to any alteration in the courses or quality of the water. It is an endangered species catalogued as vulnerable, both by the national catalog and by the Galician catalog of endangered species.

In the work carried out, several specimens of American mink (Neovison vison) and raccoon (Procyon lotor), invasive exotic species that are very harmful to aquatic fauna in general and to the desman in particular, have also been removed from the environment.

A summary of the work carried out is available in the library section of this website (http://fronteiraesquecida.eu/biblioteca-3/).

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