Discover the Photographic Itinerary that enhances the natural and cultural resources of the Limia-Lima River Destination.

Visitors will be able to take photographs at sixteen points in the province of Ourense with a high landscape interest, with the common link of the Limia River.

As part of the activities of the Fronteira Esquecida project, 75% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal Programme (POCTEP) 2014-2020, the Diputación de Ourense has created this cross-border Photographic Itinerary enhancing the natural and cultural resources of the Limia River and based on that, create and develop a joint management and promotion structure that enhances the tourist use of the area up to the border.

The Diputación de Ourense is the main beneficiary of the Fronteira Esquecida project, whose main objective is to enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Limia-Lima River and its surroundings.

Therefore, a cross-border photographic itinerary has been designed that runs through the eleven municipalities crossed by the Limia River, in which a total of sixteen points of high scenic interest where the river acts as a nexus were marked by professional photographers. In seven of these locations, selfie stands have been installed to give visitors the opportunity to take snapshots of a high landscape level.

This small metal pole is a novelty for its application in tourist communication, useful for sharing photographs and self-portraits on social networks.

The points where these supports are located are:

  • The viewpoint of the Xurés (Bande)
  • The recreational area of the complex of O Corgo (Muíños)
  • The viewpoint of Farnadeiros (Muíños)
  • The viewpoint of Viso (Lobeira)
  • The viewpoint of Piteira (Lobios)
  • The viewpoint of Carballón (Lobios)
  • The Pedreiriño viewpoint (Entrimo)

To promote the natural and cultural resources of the Limia-Lima river

Also, as a complement, soon there will be a cross-border photographic exhibition with the best photographs of the entire cross-border territory that bathes the river Limia-Lima, from its source in Monte Talariño (Sarreaus) to its mouth in Viana del Castelo, made by professionals from Ourense – Paco Rocha, Rosa Veiga and Miguel Souto – and Portuguese, which will take place between 2 and 17 May at the Centro Cultural Marcos Valcárcel.

Discover the Photographic Itinerary of the Limia-Lima River Destination in this link.

Source: Ourense Provincial Council

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