A Clamadoira

A Clamadoira

A Clamadoira

This small hermitage is located on the hill of the same name. An elevation from which we can obtain an unbeatable panorama of the Conchas valley, being the chosen space for the celebration of a pilgrimage. The place has several tables, a fountain and a beautiful cruise.

The pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin is celebrated every second Sunday in September. A few months earlier, in May, the “Baixada da Clamadoira” is celebrated, that is, the transfer of the Virgin to the church of San Pedro de Muíños, an image that was recovered in August and returned to the chapel for the pilgrimage until the following year.

With the construction of the dam, the paths were lost and the distance to the top of the mountain multiplied. Still, she hasn’t lost followers who make the annual pilgrimage to the feast in honor of Our Lady. The entire enclave is surrounded by oak trees, six of them centenary, proposed a decade ago to be part of the Catalog of Unique Trees in Galicia, a process still to be resolved.

The construction of the church dates from the 18th century. It was built with granite as the main material. It has a rectangular floor plan and a single nave. The apse area is higher than the nave. On the outside, the bell tower with volutes decoration at the bottom and an oculus under the cross stands out. The head is surmounted by pinnacles as an ornament.

On the main façade is the entrance door and two small side windows. Inside there is a polychrome altarpiece with Corinthian columns.


Barrio, 34, 32898, 32898, Muiños, Ourense.


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Legends / Linked Stories

Residents say that in the place where the chapel is located, parishioners used to gather to ask for the defense of the Moors. It is also said that during breaks from work in the fields, the peasants gave themselves to the Virgin, asking for her blessing, feeling that they were watched by her from her watchtower in Clamadoira. In the novena dedicated to her, they sing: “Light our lamps, Lady, before the darkness turns hope into wounds and turns faith into frost” with the beautiful hymn of the poet Manolo Blanco Luis.

A Clamadoira

Information of interest

Access to the outside is free. For a visit to the interior, it is recommended to observe the calendar of offices and the pilgrimage itself.

More information is available:

– On the website of the Gerês – Xurés Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX): https://www.reservabiosferageresxures.eu/en

– On the Portas do Xurés website (Rede of Portas da Parte Galega da RBTGX): http://portasxures.es/index.php/gl/




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