Birth of the Limia / Lima River

Birth of the Limia / Lima River

Nacimiento del Río Limia

The Limia River rises on Monte Talariño, in the parish of Paradiña, municipality of Sarreaus. An environment recognized by the Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation, which highlights the 108km length of the river (and the 2387km2 of its basin) between this point and the mouth of Viana do Castelo.

Here we will find a privileged place to walk through valleys and mountains. The initial stream descends through the village of Paradiña and runs through the village of Couso, then passing through Freixo and reaching Sarreaus. From there, it descends towards the region of A Limia and Baixa Limia (in Galicia), to continue through the Portuguese municipalities of Ponte da Barca, Arcos de Valdevez, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo, before emptying into the waters of the Atlantic.

Precisely many residents of the Portuguese side usually visit such a unique spring, accessing the OU-113 until reaching Paradiña via Borrán and Ameá or Sarreaus itself. Or also through Laza, along the OU-113, taking the opportunity to visit the source of the River Tâmega.

The place is well signposted and the cleaning work carried out by the Sarreaus City Council helped to leave the environment in a “friendly” way, after years of abandonment. The space is a must for locals, tourists and pilgrims, as the Vía de la Plata-Camino del Sueste (St. James way) passes very close by.



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Nacimiento del Río Limia

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The visit is free. You need to be careful with traffic, as this is a place where motorized vehicles pass.




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