Bridge of Santa Maria

Bridge of Santa Maria

Puente de Santa María

The Santa Maria Bridge is also known as Ponte Vella (Old Bridge) or Pontella da Forxa (A Forxa Little Bridge) It is located on the Fírbeda or “das Mestas” river, which begins in the municipality of Calvos de Randín. The same water course nourishes the monumental waterfall of the same name. It is located next to the C-301 road that connects Porqueira to Xinzo de Limia, in the town of A Forxa. It was built in the 18th century by three stone pillars raised over the river, a very widespread construction technique on both sides of the border. Above them, runs a beautiful road made up of large granite slabs.

The four “eyes” with which the river is crossed cannot be considered arches, but pillars of irregular slates.


Lugar de Forxa, 32643, Porqueira.


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Puente de Santa María

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Next to it is a leisure area and a mill. An ideal space for summer vacations.



Ficha 030245. Catalogación do patrimonio cultural da Alta Limia.



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