Carballa da Rocha, Natural Monument

Carballa da Rocha, Natural Monument

Carballa da Rocha

It is known as the “Natural Monument of Carballa da Rocha” to a large oak tree and the adjacent lands located in the place of Saínza de Baixo, in the municipality of Rairiz de Veiga and within the Biosphere Reserve of the “Area de Allariz”. This formidable specimen of oak, which coexists with other centenary trees, was declared a “Unique Tree” of Galicia and a “Natural Monument” on March 1, 2007. It reaches a perimeter of 6.90 meters, and the trunk forks into two branches to reach 33 meters in height.

He is in good health with no apparent deterioration. It is, therefore, essential to protect this type of quercus robur, according to historical-cultural, scientific and scenic interest. We are talking about one of the largest oaks on the peninsula, named in feminine to remind us of its ancient and voluminous power.

On the outskirts of the oak grove, one of the few re-enactments in Galicia of battles between Moors and Christians is celebrated, the “Romaria da Saínza”.


Carballa da Rocha


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It tells the popular imagination that this oak was subjected to pruning in the 50s of the twentieth century, in which two men, for two full days of work, obtained more than 20 heaps of firewood. Land concentrations and agricultural activity extinguished much of the tree mass of A Limia, although Carballa has resisted, currently enjoying an excellent state of health for a tree estimated to be between 300 and 500 years old.



Carballa da Rocha

Information of interest

Access is free and the monument’s car park can be reached by car. We are in an area of high natural value; therefore, the flora and fauna of the place must be respected at all times. Avoid noise pollution and do not throw garbage or other waste.





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