Carregadouro Beach (Jolda de S. Paio)

Carregadouro Beach (Jolda de S. Paio)

Located in the parish of São Paio da Jolda, and bordering the territories of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte de Lima, this area is characterized by its landscapes, the riverside beauties of the river Lima, its traditions and culture, its farms and manor houses. In the past, the Carregadouro pier was used for crossing between the banks of the river between Jolda (S. Paio) and the parish of Gandra (Ponte de Lima), or S. Martinho da Gandra, as it was better known. Stage 1 of Ecovia do Vez begins right on the beach. On the right bank, we can see the Carvalhal Leisure Area, also with access to the Ecovia.


Carregadouro Beach, Jolda de São Paio


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It has parking, tables and benches, snack and leisure area.


Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez. Available at: https://www.cmav.pt/


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