Center of ethnographic interest of Congostro

Center of ethnographic interest of Congostro

Núcleo de interés etnográfico de Congostro

The beautiful village of Congostro is located very close to the capital of the municipality of Rairiz de Veiga. As part of the Biosphere Reserve of the “Area de Allariz”, it presents a large ethnographic set, with one of the best examples of popular Galician architecture, forming a true open-air museum.

Its beautifully restored buildings are magnificent examples of ethnographic heritage. So we can admire from mills, ovens, crosses or farms with relevant granaries that resemble those of Lindoso or Soajo. Congostro thus keeps alive the traditional characteristics of the border villages: narrow streets and houses connected to their farms.

We have the highest concentration of granaries in Aira da Moa, in the center of the village. At the same time, the old rectory stands out, now converted into rural accommodation. It has a rectangular main building and a wooden covered balcony, standing out from the rest.

The village also has a small interpretation center that houses an exhibition on the history and ethnography of the place, as well as a didactic sample of the Via Nova Romana.


Congostro, 32654, Rairiz de Veiga


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Núcleo de interés etnográfico de Congostro

Information of interest

The closest environment is formed by Congostro, San Miguel de Congostro and Santo André, in the middle. Point where there is an important offer of rural tourism. For more information and reservations, it is recommended to contact 0034 655 115 069.


For further information, you can consult the “Area of Allariz” Biosphere Reserve website: https://www.areadeallariz.com/


Official website of the municipality of Rairiz de Veiga. Available at: www.rairizdeveiga.es

Official website for tourism in Galicia: Available at: www.turismo.gal

Santo André, rural village. Available at: https://aldearuralsantoandre.com/



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