Couso Galán Ethnographic Ensemble

Couso Galán Ethnographic Ensemble

Couso Galán

The village of Couso Galán is the material manifestation of a change of era. After being abandoned by its inhabitants in 2000, it was completely recovered and converted into an ethnographic complex at the service of rural tourism. Nowadays, hospitality and catering services are availables to the hundreds of visitors that come to the site every year. Being one of the favorite places in the area to celebrate big events such as weddings, baptisms, etc.,

Couso Galán is crossed by the Limia River itself in this stretch after its birth on Monte Talariño. The Paseo dos Namorados runs along this bank.

The entire village is an example of reconversion and revitalization of the countryside. It owes its name to its creator, the man who left everything behind to start claiming the village as a tourist resort (all houses are rented for tourist activity) Every detail is taken care of with the greatest care; the outdoor area for ceremonies, the covered chillout, the traditional oven, even the bins and ashtrays.


Village of Couso Rural (Couso Galán)


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Couso Galán

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There is a cafeteria and restaurant service, although these are normally open on weekends, festive seasons or calendar events. It is recommended to call in advance if you want to book. Contact phone: 0034 988 100 650.


Sitio web oficial. Disponible en: https://cousorural.com/



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