Ecovias, Routes and Trails

Ecovias, Routes and Trails

Ecovias, rutas y Percursos Pedestres

In the municipality of Ponte de Lima there are footpaths, routes and “eco-paths”, distributed throughout the territory and that favor contact with nature and the rural world, as well as facilitate the discovery of heritage. We can name a good number of them:

The Ecovia dos Açudes, the Ecovia das Laranjas, the Ecovia das Lagoas, the Great Mountain Route, the Water Trail, the Lagoa Trail, the Mesa dos Quatro Abades Trail, the Veiga Trail, the Tapadas Trail, the Cruise Route, the Solar Route, the Watermill Route, Atlantic Wolf Route, S. Julião de Freixo Route, River Route, Cerquido Route and Carvalhal do Trovela Route.

Dozens of options to do on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, along the banks of the Lima, through lakes, mountains or points of special heritage or artistic interest. Many of them are short, although others, such as the Great Mountain Route, can reach 37.5 km (from Serra d’Arga to Aldeias da Mesa dos 4 Abades) In the case of Ecovia dos Açudes, it takes us through an environment of fishing, mills and forests.

Another very busy route is the Mesa dos Quatro Abades, a short route of about 12 km that goes from Refoios do Lima (Lugar da Vacariça) to Vilar do Monte. Leaving the river area, it gains altitude (towards Paredes de Coura) and we approach a landscape dominated by cows and wild horses, beech trees and stone walls. The “Mesa of the 4 Abades” is the place where representatives of the parishes of Calheiros, Cepãos, Bárrio and Vilar de Monte met to resolve issues in their parishes, in medieval times. On the way down we find the Miradouro da Vacariça, with fantastic views over the Lima River crossing Ponte de Lima.


For one of the routes, example of the Mesa dos 4 abades (Table of the Four Abbots Route):

Place of Vacariça, Ponte de Lima.


41.824910929546895, -8.532242978372176 HTML tutorial
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Vilar do Monte


41.836205168466904, -8.548775961359576 HTML tutorial
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Ecovias, rutas y Percursos Pedestres

Information of interest

Free access to routes. Despite being well signposted, it is highly recommended to prepare them, anticipating the weather and taking adequate footwear, water and GPS. All information can be found on the official tourism website of Ponte de Lima.


Official website of Ponte de Lima tourism. Available at: https://www.visitepontedelima.pt/pt/turismo/percurso-da-mesa-dos-quatro-abades/



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