Entroido Cycle (Carnival)

Entroido Cycle (Carnival)

Carnival is lived in the municipality of Entrimo throughout the year, both in winter and in summer. The cycle begins in winter with the recovered characters from “Madamitas” and “Madamitos”, documented decades ago by Otero Pedrayo, but brought back “to life” thanks to local rural women. This carnival (February or March, depending on Lent), has comadres Thursdays, a popular costume party and a parade of madamitas/os and cabeçudos, not to mention the sardine burial. The protagonists wear white and red, petticoats and shorts, with a belt for him and a mantilla for her, with a women’s straw hat with tulle and a men’s hat with a cone finish. Its symbolism is, in essence, a mockery of the rich families, the most “powerful” in the city. For some time now, madamitos and madamitas have been part of the heritage of the Museu do Carnaval Galego of Xinzo de Limia. Months later, the alternative summer carnival is celebrated, which attracts a large number of visitors to the place. This is “Entrifraz”, a recent carnival that is gaining fame in the area, with parties and entertainment (parade) throughout the day, gastronomic offer, etc. As a curiosity, the intriguing statement in terms of popular music: concertinas sound here, not bagpipes. Carnival resonates, above all, with good humor and the spirit of joy and coexistence.


Terracha, Entrimo.


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Free access, costume recommended to participate in the party, as in all carnivals. For more information, call 0034 988 434 666.

More information is available:

– On the website of the Gerês – Xurés cross-border Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX): https://www.reservabiosferageresxures.eu/en

– On the Portas do Xurés website (Rede of Portas da Parte Galega da RBTGX): http://portasxures.es/index.php/gl/


Fernández, L. (24-2-2020, La Región) Entroido in Entrimo: red and white parade through the streets of the Terrachá. Available en: https://www.laregion.es/articulo/entroido/desfile-blanco-rojo-calles-terrachan/20200224093125928210.html


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