Feira quinzenal (Biweekly fair)

Feira quinzenal (Biweekly fair)

Feira Quincenal

Fairs have been part of the Galician-Portuguese tradition and of our lives for centuries, as a space for commercial, social and cultural exchange. D. Teresa, mother of D. Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal, in the letter granted to Ponte de Lima on March 4th, 1125, already mentions the existence of the biweekly fair, a fact that makes it the first documented fair in Portugal.

Time has not stopped this tradition and, every two weeks, on Mondays, on the left bank of the river, the oldest fair in the country continues to be held. Shopping on the artificial streets created by the stalls is a unique experience for those who want to live a little of those old medieval habits.

In total, more than 300 stalls, where you can find any product, no matter how strange it may seem: from ceramics to leather goods, cheeses, sausages, bread, cakes, shoes, clothes… making it difficult to find a parking space or a restaurant for lunch, due to the large flow of people.


Biweekly fair.


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Feira Quincenal

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Free access, it is next to the river.


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