Medieval bridge of Arnuide. Bathing and leisure area.

Medieval bridge of Arnuide. Bathing and leisure area.

Puente de Arnuide

Magnificent leisure space next to a historic bridge located in the village of Arnuiz, very close to the municipal capital of Vilar de Barrio. The construction saves the Arnoia River in its upper section, a few kilometers downstream after its birth in the Serra de San Mamede.

The monument preserved today is of a clear medieval construction (14th-15th centuries), with a single point arch and double slope. A span of 37 meters long and 3.5 meters wide is described. However, several specialists describe the origin of the bridge in Roman times associated with a branch or variant of the Via Nova crossing that connected the cities of Braga and Astorga. The abundant archaeological remains recovered in its surroundings seem to point in that direction.

The work carried out by the administrations made it possible to condition its surroundings and transform it into an ideal bathroom for the whole family. It is also very close to the beautiful parish church of Santa María de Arnuiz, belonging to the Archpriest of Miracles, in which the famous Baroque sculptor Francisco de Moure made one of his altarpieces.


32705 Arnuide, Vilar de Barrio.


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Puente de Arnuide

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Good condition. The external visit is free and can be accessed by vehicle. There is a restaurant nearby.


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