In the place of Ouvigo, parish of Os Blancos, there is one of the most enigmatic places in the Limia plain, made up of a necropolis and a late-Roman building.

Here are visible the remains of an ancient Paleo-Christian sanctuary dedicated to San Breixo (known as the “Old Saint”) around the ancient necropolis. Nearby is also the paço de Arroxo, a beautiful house with a coat of arms and a tower.

The Archaeological Museum of Ourense currently houses the “pyx” of Ouvigo, located in the same archaeological site. It is a box from the end of the 13th century intended to store the Eucharist or transport provisions.

Nature leads the way in this area, full of oaks and chestnut trees, as well as pines and heather at the highest levels. In the lower part of the county, meadows and fields, with potatoes as the star. This municipality has one of the sub-areas covered by the Protected Geographical Indication “Pataca de Galicia” (Potato of Galicia)




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Access to the village of Ouvigo is easy by car. However, it is recommended to ask the residents about the old chapel, as part of the remains are covered. For more information call 0034 988 467 567.



Rodríguez Colmenero, A. (2018) O oratorio paleocristián de Ouvigo (Os Blancos, Ourense) In tempore sueborum, p.365-366.



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