Pacin River – Leisure Park Route

Pacin River – Leisure Park Route

Ruta área fluvial de Pacín

Very close to Entrimo, next to the Pacín River, a leisure area and a river pool were created where one can cool off after the pedestrian walk that allows us to visit the archaeological site of Os Castelos – Pia da Moura. One of the best and most unique viewpoints in the entire Lindoso valley. This leisure area with picnic area is also known as “As perdices” (The Partridges). The beach has stairs to go down to the dammed stretch of the Pacín River. Next to the parking lot, there is a sign indicating the path parallel to the river, about 1.5 km away, which leads, if we continue straight on, to the Pozo Caído Waterfall. Towards the road where we arrived, we can wind along the river to see the natural pools called “dos Cirolos”.


Pacin river beach


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Ruta área fluvial de Pacín

Information of interest

Ample parking next to the river beach, access by a narrow road. It is recommended to pay attention to the indications of the different existing posters. Both for accessing the site and for carrying out the pedestrian route.

More information is available:

– On the website of the Gerês – Xurés cross-border Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX): https://www.reservabiosferageresxures.eu/en

– On the Portas do Xurés website (Rede of Portas da Parte Galega da RBTGX): http://portasxures.es/index.php/gl/




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