Quinta de Campos do Lima

Quinta de Campos do Lima

Quinta de Campos do Lima

Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez is known for its wine tourism itineraries that can be carried out in the different cellars dedicated to wine production, such as Vez, Padre Himalaya, or Veigas da Matança itineraries, among others. Wines from Arcos de Valdevez are a territorial brand that result from the unique identity that the territory located between Lima and Vez gives to its wines.

Located in the sub-region of Vale do Lima (Lima Valley), the land is characterized by elementary green wines, red wines from the Vinhão variety and white wines from the Loureiro variety. These varieties give rise to wines that present unique characteristics and sensations, resulting from very peculiar weather conditions.

This farm, located on the banks of the Lima, very close to the Ponte da Barca Hippodrome and its historic centre, has a fantastic ampelographic collection (genetic heritage of the Vinho Verde region – 69 species) and promotes experimental actions and projects to support viticulture. In addition, it is an experimentation and research center created by the Viticulture Commission of the Wine Region in 1984. Activities related to agro-tourism can also be carried out during most of the year, in addition to visits and wine tasting. There is a good stretch of forest right next door.


Quinta de Campos do Lima, Arcos de Valdevez


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Quinta de Campos do Lima

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Access with prior reservation to the research and exhibition area.

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