Romanesque of Vilar de Lebres

Romanesque of Vilar de Lebres

: Románico de Vilar de Lebres

Belonging to the municipality of Trasmiras, the church of San Salvador is currently far from the villages, with Vilar de Lebres being the closest nucleus to the west.

It is a perfect example of rural Romanesque, so typical in the border area. Scholars now propose the date of its construction in the first decades of the 13th century (1220-30) They refer to it as a late Romanesque work.

On the west façade we find the main door decorated with typical elements of the style, with semicircular archivolts decorated with plant motifs. These arches are based on a line, called “imposed”, which in this case is decorated with crosses inserted in circles.

Equally unique are the capitals decorated with figures of animals and plants on the right and left of the main door. The side walls of the nave are smooth and wide. The only decoration they have is the base of balls, under the ceiling. The apse, on the other hand, has a wider decorative program. One can observe the enigmatic canzorros (stone figures that come out of the cornice). Among this sculptural sample, therefore, so characteristic of the style, we find anthropomorphic figures, animals, plants…

Inside it is possible to see its small size and how the wall has overcome the gap, making it a very dark church. At the end of the ensemble, and from a later period (17th century), a typical bell tower appears. Around the church, and above the atrium, is the parish cemetery, as is customary in many rural churches in Galicia and northern Portugal.


32695 Vilar de Lebres, Ourense


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: Románico de Vilar de Lebres

Information of interest

Good condition. The external visit is free. To visit the interior, it is necessary to respect the liturgical schedule; it is necessary to contact the City Council of Trasmiras on the phone 0034 988 445 000.


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