Special conservation area of Ponteliñares

Special conservation area of Ponteliñares

Vegas de Ponteliñares

The fertile valleys of Ponteliñares are an area protected as a Site of Community Interest (SIC declared since 2012, under the Natura 2000 Network) that is part of the Special Protection Area for Birds of A Limia in the lands of Porqueira and Rairiz de Veiga. With a total area of 1.3 km2, it is part of the humid complex of Limia in its central part, on the way to the Portuguese Raia (border), reminiscent of other protected areas such as Lagoa de Bertiandos and São Pedro de Arcos, in Ponte de Lima.

An ideal location for ornithological tourism or even for hiking and cycling. There is a circular route of 12 km, featuring a good range of flora and fauna elements susceptible of special protection: from the Iberian frog, to several dozen birds, invertebrates, reptiles and small mammals, as well as fish such as perch, the trout or the eel. On the other hand, there is a small plant (Eryngium viviparum), native to the northwest of the peninsula and used to the Atlantic climate, which is very delicate. Most of the wetland is covered by reeds.



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Vegas de Ponteliñares

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Access is free, with several signposted paths on both banks of the Lima River, both on land in the municipalities of Rairiz de Veiga and Porqueira. The location is ideal for cycling and bird watching. We are in an area of high natural value for which the flora and fauna of the place must be respected at all times. Avoid noise pollution and do not throw garbage and other waste.




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