Tourist and Sports Complex “O Corgo”

Tourist and Sports Complex “O Corgo”

Complejo Turístico-Deportivo “O Corgo”

The municipality of Muíños has a large tourist and sports complex located in the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park and in the Gerês-Xurés Cross-border Biosphere Reserve, just over 10 km from Portuguese territory. It is located next to the As Conchas reservoir and has an area of 26 hectares. It is known as “The Corgo”. It has two river beaches, picnic areas and bar service. The natural space also has more than 30,000 trees of sixty different species.

It also has accommodation: three hostels, camping (with capacity for 300 people), six fully equipped apartments (bungalows), sports fields, multipurpose rooms with terrace, swimming pools and an interpretation centre. The inn “O Corgo” has 106 places, in rooms of 30, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 4 places, and a kitchen with a panoramic dining room over the dam, ideal for the practice of various sports activities. For its part, the residence “A Rola” is ideal for families and small groups in rooms with 6 people with bathroom, restaurant and cafeteria, in addition to the youth social building.

Next to these facilities there is a beautiful river beach with an anchorage, rowing service, speedboat and canoes, life jackets, etc.

The multidisciplinary rooms are covered, and there is a service of monitors for leisure, hiking, sports activities and the possibility of hiring organized excursions.

Just to one side is the “Porta de Muiños”, with the “Water Interpretation Center”, another essential resource to understand the meaning of water in this municipality and throughout the basin.


OU-540, 32880 Muíños, Ourense.


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Complejo Turístico-Deportivo “O Corgo”

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For any queries or reservations, it is recommended to contact the telephone number 0034 988 456 403.

It is advisable to visit the Archaeological Class of Megalithism in Vale das Salas and Serra do Leboreiro. More information is available:

– On the website of the Gerês – Xurés Cross-border Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX): https://www.reservabiosferageresxures.eu/en

– On the Portas do Xurés website (Rede of Portas da Parte Galega da RBTGX): http://portasxures.es/index.php/gl/






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