Trilho dos Moinhos (Mills Trail)

Trilho dos Moinhos (Mills Trail)

Trilho dos Moínhos (Ruta de los molinos)

The Moinhos da Parada Trail is a circular route of 7 km, which runs through rural and mountain paths in the village of Parada, in the parish of Lindoso. This is the largest parish in the municipality of Ponte da Barca and is part of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in the heart of the Gerês-Xurés Cross-border Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX)

This route, which starts in Parada, heads towards Cidadelhe up to the Chão da Cabeça hill. The path continues through fields and vineyards, following the banks of the Lima River.

At this point, visitors quickly reach unique corners of the river, where you can see some water mills, symbols of an ingenious (and popular) hydraulic architecture, now abandoned. Continuing the route, pedestrians are guided to Poço de Gola, a natural pool. The presence of grazing animals is frequent along the route.

Way back takes you along the shepherds’ paths, protected by oaks, until you reach the place where the path started. A little further down are the granaries of Eira do Tapado, a beautiful set and a sign of the region’s identity.


Parada de Lindoso. Start of the route.


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Trilho dos Moínhos (Ruta de los molinos)

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7km route, in a total of 4 hours, with stops. In addition to this route, visitors can also see the Castle of Lindoso and its granaries. At the beginning of the route, we can enjoy another signposted walk, the Trilho do Penedo do Encanto, with a length of 5km.


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