Viewpoint – Canderrei Castle

Viewpoint – Canderrei Castle

Mirador – Castillo de Canderrei

Canderrei Castle is the best viewpoint to understand the transition from the Galician valley of Limia to that of Tâmega. Located in what is known as “Monte do Castelo”, researchers talk about the possibility that this site once had a watchtower similar to those in the councils of Sandiás and Porqueira, among others.

This strategic situation also leads other historians to speculate on the possibility that an Iron Age fortified settlement may have existed at the site previously. Although these proposals have not yet been confirmed, there are several written references to the site in medieval times. It was described as a possible fortress in the 11th century and named in several royal endowments in the 14th century.

Nowadays the space has a baroque chapel, in honor of the Virgin of Remedies. A short distance away, below the mountain, is the parish that gives its name: San Salvador de Viladerrei. It is also a toponym that may indicate the existence of a village or town typical of medieval royalty, being the natural access route to Limia from Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.



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Mirador – Castillo de Canderrei

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Good condition. The external visit is free. It can be reached by car even to the chapel itself.


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