Water sports in Foz do Rio and Cabedelo

Water sports in Foz do Rio and Cabedelo

Deportes Náuticos en la desembocadura del río y Cabedelo

Viana do Castelo, with the mouth of Lima and its extensive beaches (Praia Norte, Porto de Vinha, Rodanho, Amorosa and the famous Cabedelo), presents an incredible range of opportunities for fans of water sports: jet skis, sailing, rowing, canoeing, fishing or just a boat ride. Any excuse is a good excuse to enjoy this type of activity alone or with someone, both beginners on the river and those more experienced in this windy sea.

Likewise, Cabedelo beach is one of the favorites of people from the north of Portugal and the south of Galicia in the choice of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or bodyboarding, with conditions among the best in the world. For now, there are several companies, schools and local academies that guarantee the initiation or improvement of these sports.

Once the session is over, new opportunities open up to continue enjoying, whether it’s a walk to the Cabedelo lighthouse, a stay at the campsite or a cool drink in one of the surrounding bars. Another point of interest is the Ribeira de Anha Local Natural Monument, of high geomorphological interest, located in the formations between the beaches of Rodanho and Cabedelo. In short, many worlds to choose from for those who decide to visit Viana with expectations placed on outdoor sports and adrenaline.


Cabedelo Beach, Viana do Castelo


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Deportes Náuticos en la desembocadura del río y Cabedelo

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Free access. To schedule activities, see http://www.cm-viana-castelo.pt/pt/atividades-nauticas , with all the information regarding the modalities, companies and contacts and useful recommendations.


Câmara Municipal de Viana. Website oficial. Disponível em: http://www.cm-viana-castelo.pt/



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