Waterfall on the Firbeda river

Waterfall on the Firbeda river

Cascada del Río Fírbeda

Magnificent waterfall located on the river Fírbeda, Fírveda or “das Mestas”, a tributary of the Lima River that rises from the union of several streams in the municipality of Calvos de Randín, in the Galician region of Alta Limia and very close to the “Raia” with Portugal, through the Serra of San Tomé, which delimits the border plain.

The river, after joining the valley, forms some rapids and a sequence of waterfalls that can be seen on the pedestrian path that runs through the county. This river speed was used for centuries for the construction of several mills that can be visited today but are partially demolished.


Viewpoint and Fírbeda Waterfall.


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Cascada del Río Fírbeda

Information of interest

Access to the waterfall is necessarily by trail. To get there, you can climb a path that passes through the Torre da Forxa, as part of a circular route of 4km or another route of more than 12km.






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