Inventory and subsequent publication on the odonate populations inhabiting the wetlands of the Limia river basin

Dragonflies and dragonflies are the group of invertebrates with comparatively greater presence in catalogs and regulations on endangered species, constituting a zoological group to be taken into account in management plans for wetlands. There are 6 species included in the National Catalogue of Threatened Species, 18 species in the Red Book of Spanish invertebrates, and one species in the Galician Catalogue of Threatened Species (Oxygastra curtisii).

In the specific case of the fluvial area of the Limia River, the presence of odonates is mentioned in the Candidature Document of the Gerês-Xurés Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, which relies, among other parameters, on the existence of certain species of this type of insects to justify the environmental quality of this natural area.

That is why it has just been awarded an Inventory and subsequent publication on the populations of odonates that inhabit the wetlands of the Limia river basin, under the Fronteira Esquecida project Limia – Lima, which aims to improve knowledge about the distribution and status of populations of odonates, a group of insects that includes dragonflies, in the fluvial area of the Limia river.

This action is framed within the framework of Activity 1 of the Fronteira Esquecida project (Cataloguing and recovery of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Limia River – Lima), selected by the Interreg V-A Spain – Portugal Cooperation Program (POCTEP) 2014 – 2020 and 75% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Finally, a digital informative guide on the odonates of the Baixa Limia – Serra do Xurés Natural Park will be developed.

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