The tourist complex of O Corgo, in Muíños, hosts the only event of the “Gladiator Race” to be held in Spain in 2021

The tourist and sports complex of O Corgo, in the municipality of Muíños, will host on 30 October a new edition of the “Gladiator Race”, the only obstacle race of this sport to be held in Spain in 2021 and in which more than 400 participants from fifteen provinces and the north of Portugal are registered. The race, the result of an agreement between the Inorde and the Galician Tourism Agency, was presented this morning in the Provincial Palace with the assistance of the vice-presidents of the Provincial Council, Rosendo Fernández and Plácido Álvarez, the latter also as mayor of Muíños, and the delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Ourense, Gabriel Alén.

In the “Gladiator Race”, athletes will run a 6-kilometre circuit that will test their ability to overcome, as they will have to overcome more than 25 obstacles by crawling, crossing walls, pyramids, moving weights or even climbing a vertical rope 4 metres high, all mixed with elements such as water, ice, mud or fire. In addition, throughout the race they will also have to dodge gladiators, one of the unique features of this race as it includes actors who will make the course even tougher.

The “Gladiator Race” has a large number of fans throughout Spain, which is reflected in the 15 provinces of origin of the 400 participants, as well as the north of Portugal, and in the fact that more than 80 % of the participants come in groups. Along with the level of demand, it is necessary to highlight the spirit of collaboration of the athletes, to the point that one of the teams includes a runner who will do the circuit in a wheelchair, helped by his companions.

This is the second time that the tourist and sports complex of O Corgo has hosted this event, which on this occasion will be held during the day (the previous one was held at night), in one of the best places for this type of sporting event due to the facilities, variety of accommodation and services offered to participants and accompanying persons.

Source: Deputación de Ourense

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