Promotion of Destino Rio Limia-Lima in Xantar 2022

The Destino Rio Limia-Lima was present at the INORDE stand and at the stand of the GeoDestino Terra de Celanova – Serra do Xurés, which includes some of the municipalities of the Galician territory of the Fronteira Esquecida project.

Xantar is the only accredited International Gastronomic Tourism Fair in the Iberian Peninsula, which is held in Ourense. This year it took place from 9 to 13 November.

Xantar defends the quality of Gastronomy and Sustainable and Healthy Tourism, fusing tradition and innovation of the territories represented through exhibitions, themed tastings, live cooking and many more initiatives that take place during five days of intense activity.

The 23rd edition of Xantar had 16,000 visitors, 165 exhibitors, 8 restaurants and more than 120 activities.


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