The CIM Alto Minho promotes the Limia-Lima river destination at the Nauticampo trade fair in Lisbon

The Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho (CIM Alto Minho) participates in NAUTICAMPO International Exhibition of Recreational Boating, Sports, Adventure, Caravaning and Swimming Pools, which takes place from 16 to 20 February at the International Fair of Lisbon (FIL) – Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

The participation of the CIM Alto Minho takes place in the framework of the project Fronteira Esquecida, co-financed by the programme: INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP), which aims to protect and enhance the cultural and natural heritage, as a support to the economic base of the cross-border region.

The objective of the participation is to value and promote the natural and cultural resources of the Limia-Lima river destination and its surroundings, highlighting the tourist potential of the region and the local tourist agents operating in the territory, as well as relaunching the territory as a quality and sustainable tourist geodestination.

This participation also represents a great opportunity to publicise the Nautical Station of Alto Minho (ENAM), and to promote and sell some of the products and experiences present in our region, especially at the level of maritime and river activities (nautical and nature).

The NAUTICAMPO fair is the largest and one of the oldest outdoor activity events held in Portugal, and its prestige places it alongside the best inland events, boosting outdoor activities in the Iberian Peninsula, rivalling the best events in the sector in Europe. The sectors that comprise it represent a high percentage of the companies in the market, which contribute decisively to the growth of the different economies associated with the leisure industries.

Each edition of this international outdoor activities fair welcomes thousands of visitors looking for the latest innovations in locomotion, as well as enthusiasts who want to find a stimulus for the adoption of new habits and lifestyles in the open air. In addition to the display of products, NAUTICAMPO is also a space for interactivity, experimentation and discussion of ideas of the various activities and modalities present, highlighting the talk on 17 February, “Outdoor destinations – the escape from cities and the encounter with nature”, which will discuss the integrated growth of the regions, one of the examples being the Nautical Resorts.

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