Triumph of the Xurés Bike Tour Fronteira Esquecida Limia-Lima, which attracts riders from all over the peninsula

On 18, 19 and 20 June, as part of the activities of the “Fronteira Esquecida” project, the “Xurés Bike Tour – Fronteira Esquecida Limia-Lima” was held, a cross-border mountain bike race of a competitive nature that attracted more than 200 riders from all the nearby Spanish and Portuguese regions, as well as from areas such as Navarre and the Basque Country, attracted by the charms of the landscapes of the Serra do Xurés and the attractions of an undiscovered area.

The patron of the event, Óscar Pereiro, the only Galician to have won the Tour de France, led the peloton in Sunday’s stage, the last of the three days of the event. He also received a heartfelt tribute from the authorities and the cycling community present, on the 15th anniversary of his victory in the most important race in international cycling.

The prologue held on Friday made it clear that the weather was going to respect the riders, as the sun came out for the timed stage that opened the competition in excellent conditions, both for men’s and women’s individual riders and for pairs.

The stages on Saturday and Sunday left an excellent taste in the mouths of the runners for the places where they have run, and enjoyed Portuguese areas such as PITÓES DAS JÚNIAS or TOUREM, which have attracted a lot of attention.

Social networks have played a very important role in the promotion, dissemination and enhancement of initiatives such as this event, highlighting the interaction generated by the Portuguese localities and the response to the various publications of the event from countries as far away as Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Switzerland.

The dynamising and promotional role of the event in the area led to the total occupation of the area’s hotels and restaurants on both sides of the border, making it clear that these initiatives are destined to have a future in areas that are privileged for their practice, such as this one.

For more information check the Xurés Bike Tour website.

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