What is to come in the Fronteira Esquecida project?

The coming months will be full of activities that will highlight the natural and heritage resources in the Limia-Lima river environment:

The tender for the cataloguing and inventory of resources has already been awarded, and meetings will soon be held to establish the basis for the work. In addition to the catalog, it will include a series of 19 pills or microvideos for each of the municipalities/chambers in the project, as well as a 5-minute summary video. Additionally, a tourist route and a photographic book will be designed with the best of the resources.

We will proceed to the launching of some works of recovery and enhancement of a remarkable ethnographic heritage in the field of river fishing, through the recovery of a fishermen’s hut, as well as the revaluation of an ancestral passage over the river linking banks through the bridge.

Finally, an event will be organized consisting of a cross-border mountain bike race in the project area, to be held in June in a three-day format: a timed prologue at night and two online races on successive days.

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