Castle of Celme Viewpoint

Castle of Celme Viewpoint

Mirador del Castillo de Celme

Built by the first Portuguese king Afonso Henriques, nowadays it offers an unparalleled panorama. Although only a few vestiges of its walls remain, it is worth enjoying its privileged height, as well as an enclave from which it dominates the entire surrounding territory. It is also located at a strategic point between the wide horizons of the border plain and the Val das Conchas.

Perhaps we are facing the most important fortress nearby. It was conquered by the Duke of Lancaster in one of his raids. In the mountains there is continuity in the settlements for millennia, because right on the slope we find the Castro de San Miguel, currently under research.



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Legends / Linked Stories

It is said that some noble families in the village of Congostro, at the foot of the castle, revolted against the royal power using the stones used in the construction of the castle itself.

Mirador del Castillo de Celme

Information of interest

Access is free by the way, suitable only for adapted vehicles (4×4). It is recommended to access some of the trails that lead to the site. For more information, it is recommended to contact the phone: 0034 988 465 552.



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