Feira do Cavalo (Horse Fair)

Feira do Cavalo (Horse Fair)

Feira do Cavalo

Ponte de Lima has been consecrated in recent years as an “International Equestrian Destination”. The Horse Fair is the main element of activities associated with the equine world. National breed shows, sporting activities and competitions associated with the races, as well as work with horses, are the highlights of the event. In addition, there are quality exhibitors, which together helped to develop Ponte de Lima in this area.

The first edition of the Horse Fair dates back to 2007, organized by the Municipality of Ponte de Lima, Ponte de Lima Business Association and Vale do Lima Equestrian Center, and was very successful. The foundations were laid for a fair that currently enjoys great prestige. The fair, elapsing in July, is complemented by equestrian games, jumping competitions and contests. In 2008, the Fair was awarded as one of the best tourist entertainment events in Portugal. Over the years, it has strengthened the brand “Ponte de Lima – International Equestrian Destination”, an excellent way of promoting tourism, sports and culture and promoting Ponte de Lima’s endogenous products across borders.



Horse Fair. Expolima.


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Feira do Cavalo

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The party did not take place in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, it is expected to resume in July (7-10th) It will be the 14th edition.


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Horse Fair. Official website. Available at: https://www.feiradocavalo.pt/




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