Lugar da Passagem (Place of Passage), Geraz do Lima

Lugar da Passagem (Place of Passage), Geraz do Lima

Lugar da Passagem en Geraz do Lima

Lugar da Passagem, located on the banks of the Lima River, is a rural village that has been providing for centuries, the crossing by boat between Moreira de Geraz do Lima and Lanheses, used for the transport of people and goods. In the historic village of A Passagem, the Igreja Matriz, the Cruzeiro da Prelada, the Marco da Passagem, the pier and the river beach stand out, all examples of a valuable cultural, architectural and environmental heritage.

Right at this point, there is also a small picnic area, from where the PR20- Trilho das Terras de Geraz (route) departs, with good views of Lima and direct access to Veigas de São Simão, with continuation to Ecovía do Lima. On the other side is the Lanheses pier. Everywhere you can enjoy bird watching, hiking, mountain biking or activities on the river, where it was traditionally crossed and where boats continue to be objects of worship.

The rural nucleus of A Passagem is a communication center between hikers from Santiago, fans of gastronomy, the Romanesque or hikers of the Lima riverside. Here, the lamprey is the queen, and it pairs with the best green wines. From the local handicrafts, we highlight the embroidered linen.


Passagem, Geraz do Lima.


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Lugar da Passagem, in the parish of Moreira de Geraz do Lima. This crossing point of the river Lima has a historical significance that spans millennia. Between Lanheses and Lugar da Passagem, on the opposite bank, there is a river crossing used for at least 2400 years, as evidenced by two monoxyl pirogues, dated between the 4th and 2nd centuries BC, discovered and recovered between 2002 and 2003 in this section of the river. One of these pirogues has several constructive features that are typical of the shipbuilding techniques used in the Mediterranean in classical antiquity, since the Bronze Age. The tip of the bow has the shape of a beak or snout, presumably of an aquatic animal such as a dolphin, a representation that is reinforced by the existence of a circular eyelet that crosses the respective massif from side to side. This eye, in addition to its aesthetic-functional meaning, evokes a zoomorphic representation, and may prefigure a dolphin, known for being a friend and protector of the men of the sea, certainly well-known at the time for frequenting the waters of the River Lima in this area – at the time certainly very less silted up and therefore under greater oceanic influence than today.

All these indications point to the fact that the pirogue here circulated during the Roman occupation and throughout the Middle Ages, being used by pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.”

Lugar da Passagem en Geraz do Lima

Information of interest

Place of Passage. Free access, free parking nearby.


Official website of the Municipality of Viana do Castelo. Available at: http://www.cm-viana-castelo.pt/



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