Pedestrian route: Rebordechao-Chapel of San Mamede-Pozo dos Mouros

Pedestrian route: Rebordechao-Chapel of San Mamede-Pozo dos Mouros

Ruta de senderismo: Rebordechao-Capela de San Mamede-Pozo dos Mouros

One of the most beautiful mountain routes that can be done in Galicia today. From the base to the top of the San Mamede mountain range, combining the riverside landscapes and prairies of the valley floor, with the wide horizons and unparalleled panoramic views from the top of the mountain.

In the village of Rebordechao we can see the information panel with all the necessary data to make the ascent. We can opt for different route choices according to our weather and fitness. In the long option, we will reach the top of the mountain at more than 1600 meters above sea level, from where we can see an unparalleled panorama of the entire Portuguese-Galician border. Fantastic panorama of Alto Tâmega, Serra do Larouco and Serra do Xurés-Gerês itself. In the short option, much more moderate and ideal for family walks, we will discover the mysticism hidden in Pozo dos Mouros.

Routes suitable for any time of year, from the explosion of nature in spring to the charm of autumn and the fall of leaves. A meeting point for adventure lovers where you can practice mountain sports such as mountain biking, cross-country skiing or snowshoe hiking in winter.




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Legends / Linked Stories

There are many allusions to Moors, as is the case of this “Pozo dos Mouros” on this route. Given that the permanence of Muslims in Galicia and northern Portugal was quite short (several decades, although with good traces in toponymy and also in stories and legends), the word Moor recalls mythological beings, prior to Romanization and closely linked to the arts of healing: witches, healers, sorceresses who, totally connected with nature, have survived in the mystical imagery of the region (especially in the countryside) until the present day. Along the way, you will learn about different legends associated with these beings as well as the origin of the chapel itself or the centuries-old practice of herding.

Ruta de senderismo: Rebordechao-Capela de San Mamede-Pozo dos Mouros

Information of interest

The route was opened in 2020. Both route options (long and short) depart from Rebordechao. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided on the start panel in terms of runtime, difficulty, equipment needed, etc.

Vilar de Barrio City Council has additional information that can be made available to visitors (leaflets and digital information, GPS route, etc.). To request it, you can call 0034 988 449 001.



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