For water, the Vieiro de Bande fountain

For more than 30 years the Vieiro spring, in Bande, has been an obligatory stop for the neighbours of the different municipalities of the Baixa Limia on their way back to Ourense.

Located at 850 metres above sea level and located in the Baixa Limia Serra do Xurés Natural Park, it is on the itinerary of many of the neighbours of the municipalities of Muiños, Bande, Entrimo and Lobios, on Sundays, when they return to Ourense. In this small fountain they fill all kinds of bottles and carafes of water for the week’s consumption.

To access this popular fountain, you hardly have to walk, as it is next to the N-540 that connects Ourense with Portugal. It is also signposted and has a large car park. The spring attracts dozens of people on weekends, whether in winter or summer, as it is also set up as an excellent recreational area, where many take the opportunity to stop and rest, taking table and tablecloth next to the demanded waters.

According to Nemesio Gonzales Barroso, a resident of Lobios, “on this route, this spring is an obligatory stop on the way to Ourense. Here we carry bottles of water to drink during the week, we have been stopping here for about 20 years. And you can see how many people there are filling water jugs, it’s like this every Sunday, rain or shine,” he points out. “The spring was built more than 30 years ago, but before that it was already common to drink this water, which has always been drinkable and comes directly from the mountain, with an excellent quality for consumption”, say the members of the Vázquez López family, from Muíños, who have been regulars for years to collect a large number of carafes from this spring. “I

t is true that during very occasional episodes of drought we don’t stop, but it is rare for this spring to dry up”, they add. Next to the main spring there is a large chestnut tree trunk that has been cut and worked so that six spouts emanate from it. “It is impossible to know how much water is taken from here, as I remember queuing for days, and people have been stopping here for many, many years”, says Alfredo Tomé, another of the regulars.

It is the Vieiro fountain, a real attraction in the municipality of Bande; almost another tourist attraction in the municipality.

Source: La Región

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