Church of San Xoán – Sáa

Church of San Xoán – Sáa

Iglesia de San Xoan

The church of San Xoán that we see today was moved stone by stone from its original location. It was in the 20th century that all its elements were transported from the center of Sáa to the point where it welcomes us today, above the current Town Hall of Vilar de Santos. This reconstruction did not alter the original image of the temple in any way, preserving its late Romanesque style typical of the 13th-14th centuries.

The oldest documented record of this is found in the 11th century tomb of Celanova. It concerns a sale to the monastery of Celanova of some properties (“ecclesie Sancto Jobanne villa de Sarranos”), at a time when medieval kingdoms were in fully configured, and with the north of Portugal also including in the Kingdom of Galicia.

It is a church with a single nave and apse, from the Gothic period, with two doors, west and south, both with profuse decoration. All the sculptural production left in the church is worth it: its western or main façade is a manifestation of the good work of the masons, so we can see how the human representations are inserted in the interior columns, a prayer on the north side and the pattern, Saint John in the south. In addition, the are capitals with animal decorations (lions) and figurines (characters)

The canzorros also deserve special mention, a whole parade of figures below the cornice, very striking and that certainly arouse more than a gesture of astonishment in those who observe them.



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Iglesia de San Xoan

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External access to the temple is free. For visits to the interior, the time of the masses must be considered. More information can be requested by calling 0034 988 465 883.



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