The CHMS begins restoration of the Soutelo bridge

The infrastructure is built over the Limia River, linking the municipalities of Bande and Muíños in Ourense.

The Hydrographic Confederation of the Miño Sil (CHMS) began the restoration of the Soutelo Bridge on 23 August, with a completion period of 3 months.

This is an action included in the European Project of the Operational Programme for Cross-border Cooperation Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) “Fronteira Esquecida”.

The works, in which more than 150,000 euros will be invested, will consist of the rehabilitation of the historical bridge made with stone piles, of small height, with five spans and 48.5 metres long.

This bridge, of which there are references from 1804, crosses the Limia River, linking the municipalities of Muíños and Bande.

According to the CHMS, an autonomous body under the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), “the planned actions will conserve the probably original masonry piers and abutments and will replace the decks, currently made up of joists and vaults, with others more suited to their use and environment, with easy and economical maintenance”.

Source: Cope

Source: La Región

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